VIPs at the Ballet

SF Ballet Gala 2017
San Francisco Ballet Auxiliary Gala Committee: Margaret Mitchell, Lori Harmon, Michelle Harris, Maria Hemphill, Brenda Leff, Rene Rodman, Claire Kostic, Blanca Aguirre, Ave Seltsam, Catherine Bergstrom, Monika Moscoso, Meg Ray, Debra Leylegian, Patricia Ferrin Loucks, Trecia Knapp, Rhonda Maehndroo and Jennie Golde

If you wanted to rub elbows with the elite of the Bay Area and catch some world-class ballet, the San Francisco Ballet Gala was the right spot to be on January 19, 2017. Financiers, CEOs, investors, capitalists, technologists, and queens of the philanthropy scene gathered at City Hall for cocktails and dinner prior to the Ballet’s opening night performance at the War Memorial Opera House.

From the financial world, KPMG star Debbie Messemer chatted with First Republic CFO Willis Newton. Magnates and strategic investors Heidi Bretz, Charles Chi, Jim Marver, Bill Mellin and Gary Shansby mingled with Giants’ CEO Larry Baer. Queen of the philanthropy scene Dede Wilsey shared the spotlight with Barbro and Bernard Osher. San Francisco Ballet Board Chair Carl Pascarella and his fashionable wife Yurie welcomed Yahoo Founder Jerry Yang and his wife, board chair of the Asian Art Museum, Akiko Yamazaki. Former Facebook lawyer Mark Howitson and former Secretary of State George Shultz, with life of the party Charlotte Shultz, blended with wine industry veterans John Fetzer and Patty Rock. Newlyweds Samantha DuVall Bechtel and Darren Bechtel mixed with French choreographer Benjamin Millepied and San Francisco Ballet’s own prize choreographer Helgi Tomasson. From the fashion world, Gap girls Lexi George and Emma Fisher, fashion designer Rubin Singer and local fashion leaders Stephanie Marver, OJ Shansby, and Jennifer Walske showed up for the fun. Altogether they helped raise some $2.8 million for San Francisco Ballet.

Just some of the VIPs at San Francisco Ballet Gala, 2017:

Photos by Drew Altizer Photography

Red Carpet Bay Area salutes San Francisco Ballet Gala Chair Avé Seltsam and the Auxiliary Gala Committee: Blanca Aguirre, Catherine Bergstrom, Jennie Golde, Lori Harmon, Michelle Harris, Maria Hemphill, Trecia Knapp, Claire Kostic, Brenda Leff, Debra Leylegian, Patricia Ferrin Loucks, Rhonda Maehndroo, Margaret Mitchell, Monika Moscoso, Meg Ray and Rene Rodman.

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