Red Carpet Bay Area Review Q2 2015

How to be a San Francisco Debutante, Red Carpet Bay Area
San Francisco Debutantes 2015 FRONT: Sarah Jackmauh, Paige Silverman, Elizabeth Grayson, Jennifer Reynolds, Kate Harris, Hailey Cusack, Lily Ostler SECOND: Brooke Raabe, Curry Fisher, Hannah Baylis, Rachael Maier, Katarina Churich, Mary Grinnell, Allaire Kruse, Camille Rich, Solange Soward THIRD: Julia Chenette, Madeleine Lamm, Sarah Scannell, Kendall Finnegan, Diana Silverstri, Paloma Palmer, Connolly Stegerwald, Lindsey Weber

#LoveWins — the Supreme Court ruled that gay and lesbian couples can marry! The Bay Area celebrated that victory, the law that brought access to medical aid in dying for 38 million citizens of California, and so much more. On our red carpet style radar in April, May and June 2015:




  • We added Sarah Somberg to our Top Women of Style list
  • We learned about Ploughshares initiatives to reduce the world’s nuclear threats
  • We introduced San Francisco based fashion designer and business consultant Nishika de Rosairo
  • We announced 24 debutantes and Maddy Moriarty shared what it takes to become one

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