Have you met Nishika de Rosairo?

Fashion Designer Nishika de Rosairo

San Francisco based fashion designer and business consultant Nishika de Rosairo has lived on four continents, has three business degrees and is a serious Latin dancer. Her company, dE ROSAIRO, blends her passion for design, competence in business and penchant for entrepreneurship. The dE ROSAIRO womenswear collection for 2015 consists of 18 modern, wearable separates, made in New York City’s garment district. De Rosairo designed each piece to meet the everyday demands of women as they transition from “desk 2 dusk” – from home, to office, to evening. The dE ROSAIRO concept, look, feel, lead, is all about empowerment. The collection is available online, by appointment (nishika@dEROSAIRO.com) and at select stores throughout the United States.

When not designing, de Rosairo consults for other creative types and fashion designers looking to achieve their dreams through dR Business Advisory. She also serves on a board for entrepreneurial development and leadership called StartUp Women at UP Global, supported by Blackstone Charitable Foundation and Google for Entrepreneurs, and leads Business Mentoring Connections, a program she founded at the University of Washington.