Ploughshares Fund Chain Reaction 2018

Ploughshares Fund Chain Reaction 2018, Red Carpet Bay Area
Lizzie Perry, Melanie Pena, Max Perry, William Perry, David Perry, Robin Perry, Lisa Perry, Cheryl Perry and Sophia Perry

Ploughshares Fund Chain Reaction 2018

While Donald Trump antagonized and bullied leaders of countries with nuclear arms on Twitter, a group of top experts and leaders who work to keep the United States out of nuclear war gathered in San Francisco. “It is increasingly clear that our current administration is drawing us closer to, and not further from, a world where nuclear war is a possibility,” said Ploughshares Fund President Joe Cirincione. “We remain committed – despite the climate in Washington – to finding diplomatic solutions and empowering our current and future leaders to create a more secure, peaceful and just world.”

Ploughshares Fund, the nation’s largest publicly-supported foundation dedicated exclusively to fighting the dangers posed by nuclear weapons, presented Chain Reaction 2018, on June 25th at SFJAZZ Center. The conversation focused on the next generation of leadership and the issues they will face. Former Secretary of Defense William J. Perry, joined Ambassador Wendy R. Sherman, author Eric Schlosser, former Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes, Beyond the Bomb campaigner Yasmeen Silva, and Cirincione to discuss the nuclear threats we face today, ways to defuse global tensions and promote peace in the current political climate.

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Photos by Arthur Kobin and Katie Ravas for Drew Altizer Photography

For over 36 years Ploughshares Fund has supported the most effective people and organizations in the world to reduce and eventually eliminate the dangers posed by nuclear weapons. Ploughshares funds organizations and people who promote the elimination of nuclear weapons, prevent the emergence of new nuclear states and build regional peace.

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