Women Helping Women

Jane Mudge, Barbara Brown, Ann Girard

Voss Foundation’s first west coast benefit event, Women Helping Women, netted over $46,000, nearly the entire amount required to fund a planned water project in Swaziland. Chair Charlot Malin gathered 122 women for lunch at the Ritz-Carlton in San Francisco on October 22, 2012, to learn about the needs for clean water facilities in Sub-Saharan Africa. In Swaziland, 57 percent of the population lacks improved sanitation facilities and a consistent water supply. Voss Foundation’s plan calls for drilling five wells with hand pumps and constructing 30 pit latrines to serve some 6,300 people in the communities of Ndinda and Ngoylya.

Voss Foundation’s Women Helping Women campaign provides a worldwide network for women to join forces on behalf of improving the lives of women and children around the globe. Fetching water is disproportionately a women’s and girls burden in rural Africa.  With access to clean water, an entire region gains immediate health benefits, but women’s lives often improve the most.  Voss Foundation’s Women Helping Women events began in 2009, and have since been held in New York, Boston, and San Francisco.

Scenes from the Women Helping Women benefit luncheon in San Francisco:

Event photos by Drew Altizer Photography

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