The Art of Reading Smiles

The Art of Reading Smiles — While getting ready for the event you’ve been looking forward to, check yourself in the mirror and watch your expressions. How will you greet the people you meet? Should you have a confident smile and a “Hi! It’s nice to meet you” or a cool smirk and a move-along glance? Think about your friends and past experiences of smiles and body language. What exactly do those looks mean?

The Mary-Kate and Ashley Pout

Is it a grimace or a coy pout? An empty expression? The sullen crookedness of the quintessential Olsen-twin grin raises the classic question: What is she thinking? The New York Observer calls it “the prune” meaning every time they smile, instead of saying “cheese,” they say, “prune!”

The Man Who Can’t Smile for the Camera

We all have that friend who can never be serious in a picture. It’s like his own little photobomb every single time. What’s the reason behind this rebellion?

Theory #1 — Insecurity. He does not want his real image forever captured in film. He thinks, “What if I have a double chin?” So, he takes on the “I’m the fun guy of the crew” role in order to save face. What he doesn’t realize is that he actually has now become the “insecure goofy one of the crew.”

Theory #2 — He really IS the fun one. Check out this funny video of a true goofball.

From a Pout to a Full-On Smile

This one is a pout that evolves into a smirk that becomes a nose-crinkling grin, eventually transforming into a full-force toothy smile. This is a great one. Genuine at it’s best.

The Art of Reading Smiles

The ‘You’re an Idiot’ Smile

You’re funny but you’re not really funny. The “I’m lying” smile. The “I’m having a great time but I totally hate you” smile. The “I’m breaking up with you as soon as we get back to your place” smile.

The Art of Reading Smiles

The Guess What I’m Thinking Smile

The Art of Reading Smiles

The Eyebrow Raise With a Wink Smile

This can be optimistic, flirty or downright creepster.

The Art of Reading Smiles

The ‘I’m Getting Tipsy and Frisky’ Smile

The Art of Reading Smiles

I’m ‘Gonna Do Something Bad Now’ Smile

The Art of Reading Smiles

The Quick, Huge Smile

Also know as the “Say Cheese” smile. Psychology Today explains how a fake smile uses just one voluntary contraction of a facial muscle, while a genuine smile involves that orbicularis oculi (muscles extending into the cheeks), which is an involuntary movement, meaning you can’t force it. A quick, large smile isn’t necessarily all bad, though. It could be a gesture of respect and a quick hello, or it could be completely ill-mannered and condescending. We can usually tell the difference. Making people happy one free hug and quick smile at a time:

The Art of Reading Smiles

It takes more muscles to frown than to smile. Try frowning right now. It’s actually quite humorous to try. — Martin Santiago