Sock it to Me!

sock bun

The sock bun is so in right now.  Not only is it posh, but also it can make your in-between wash days super glamorous.  “I get stopped all the time when I rock my sock,” says hair stylist and makeup artist Diane Semanik of MilVali Salon in San Francisco.


How to make a sock bun, from Diane Semanik:


1.  Find a tube sock as close to your hair color as possible.  If you are a brunette, a black sock will do; blondes use a white sock.  The thicker the sock, the bigger the bun.  I have made sock buns with three socks before — crazy, but super chic!

2.  Snip off the toe of the sock.  Roll it up so that you have a donut-looking contraption (see images below).

3.  Now that you have your bun device, put your hair in a high cheerleader ponytail. Take your sock and put your ponytail in the donut hole. Start at mid-pony and roll the hair down to the base of your head.  Secure with bobby pins.  I like to make my bun look a little messy by pulling up and outward at the inner bun; this gives it more volume and a slightly tousled look.

4.  Finish with a styling product like Aveda’s Air control.  Sock buns look extra cute with sassy bangs or a headband.

Sock Bun Steps 1 & 2

Sock Bun Steps 2 & 3
Sock Bun Steps 2 & 3