Getting Ready for the Red Carpet

Marybeth La Motte is red carpet ready after an entire month of planning!
Red Carpet Ready
Red Carpet Ready

For me, red carpet ready means not only great makeuphair, and a stunning dress, but also fitness.

Marybeth La Motte‘s red carpet ready plan for fall 2013:

One month before: I start getting red carpet ready for fall with workouts all summer long, research on skincare and a careful look at the latest trends in hair, makeup, nails and gowns.  In August I get serious about my workouts and back into a three-day-a-week routine with Kristi Dowler. Kristi’s workouts not only give me energy and get me outside, but also deliver quick results. One of the best accessories with any gown is sculpted arms.

Three weeks before: Fraxel or a chemical peel from Cheryl Pierce to ease the latest damage on my summer sun-kissed skin.

Two days before: Hydrating facial from Theresa Ferrar for a clean, healthy glow.

One day before:

1. Professional manicure and pedicure in shades that compliment my dress. I read recently that for long nails the squoval is out, and that polish on the fingers and toes should not match. I am keeping my nails short so my plan is to go with a pure oval. I still like a matching mani-pedi, but it’s good to know the latest trends.

2. A light shade of spray tan from MilVali Salon. My skin looks better tan, and the spray-on type doesn’t leave me looking parched or aged.

Day of:

1. Professional hair and makeup at MilVali Salon equals confidence.

2. Leave the house early to avoid a stressful ride in the car; arrive on time to enjoy all the sights and sounds.