Red Carpet Bay Area’s Search for the Fountain of Youth

Alex Skillman, Maya Alex, Helen Park and Ying Fu at Epi Center MedSpa for its 15th anniversary party

For centuries, the quest for eternal youth has inspired mankind. We all want to feel good and look our best. Some places may promise to make you feel healthy and beautiful in your skin, Epi Center MedSpa delivers. Watch the video, as seen on Red Carpet Bay Area KICU TV36:

Epi Center MedSpa is a both a doctor’s office and a skincare center. Epi Center’s team of 13 medical professionals offers an array of treatments and therapies, from cosmetic and general dermatology to plastic surgery. Scenes from Epi Center MedSpa’s 15th anniversary celebration:

Episode Credits

Executive Producer & Host: Marybeth La Motte
Writer & Producer: Jan Mabry
Director of Photography: Mark Hamburg
Editor: Joanna Hidalgo
Assistant Editor and Producer: Jueun Hwang
Music: Freddy Clarke
Wardrobe Stylist & Associate Producer: Cori Miller
Wardrobe: M Clothing, Corte Madera
Hair & Makeup: Arthur Venegas for MilVali Salon, San Francisco

Special Thanks: Kayvon Afroozi, Patrick H. Bitter, Sr., MD, Alisa Burgess, Freddy Clarke, Jordan Deschamps-Braly, MD, Jamison De Trolio, Epi Center MedSpaJennifer Schaefer-Fick, RN, BSN, Hooman Khalili, Eve LindbergM Clothing, Corte Madera, Christine Miller, MilVali Salon, San Francisco, Margaret Mitchell, Deb Monti, Marty Murphy, Elisabeth Thieriot, Arthur Venegas

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