LEVYdance Opening Night 2013

LEVYdance company's Sarah Dionne Woods, Yu Kondo Reigen, Paul Vickers and Scott Marlowe

Four members of LEVYdance stood in a tight circle, foreheads nearly touching, in an intimate moment before their performance. Dressed in white, they contrasted starkly with their backdrop — the graffiti covered Heron Alley transformed into a theater. The lights brightened just as the sun set, and all eyes turned to the melding of Yu Kondo Reigen, Sarah Dionne Woods, Paul Vickers, and Scott Marlowe in LEVYdance‘s 10th year celebration, on June 13, 2013.

The performances seemed to reinforce LEVYdance’s mantra of pushing boundaries and taking risks in the way they create and show art: each musical note connected with an emotion and each emotion visualized in motion. The theme of intimacy continued throughout; the dancers not only leaned upon one another physically as they maneuvered through complicated lifts and transitions, but also emotionally through sadness, heartbreak, and joy.


LEVYdance will present Comfort Zone at The Exploratorium‘s Black Box Theater from October 5, 2013, through January 5, 2014. — Nicole Clark