Put Your Best Foot Forward This Spring


Put Your Best Foot Forward This Spring — No matter your style, this spring is the time to take the HIGH road! Jan Mabry uncovers some new shoe trends to brighten your look and put a spring into your step:

Barely Boots — Call them bottines — that’s French for small boots.  These hybrids go from the ankle to mid-calf and bring bare heels, straps and peep toes into the mix.  (See Brian Atwood, Jean-Michel Cazabat, Alexander McQueen.)

Tie it Up — Laces can go high — all the way to the top of a boot; or low — wherever they go, they are a tactile alternative to buckles. (See Alexander McQueen, Alexander Wang.)

Down to the Studs — No longer limited to jeans and jackets, these bold embellishments can be round and soft, or sharp and spiky.  On heels, toes, straps or bows — studs are anywhere. (See Christian Louboutin.)

Reeducating Oxfords — Smart and stylish, oxfords have undergone a complete makeover.  These are not the sensible shoes you wore with your school uniform.  (Psst… but they’re just as comfortable; see Balenciaga.)

Reptiles and Other Skins — Live dangerously — slip into snake, lizard, real or embossed.  These exotic skins add texture and style. (See Oscar de la Renta.)

Make it Strappy — Wide or thin, straps are in.  Wrap your feet in leather or metallic strappy sandals this Spring. Your feet will thank you for all the support. (See Hermes, Yves Saint Laurent.)

Wedge Issues — Wedges are back — actually they never really went away. Only now, they refuse to masquerade as high heels. Chunky, adorned with braided leather or straw, they bring comfort to new heights.  (See Hermes, Oscar de la Renta.)

Color Your Sole — A certain designer mades soles bright red, and now others have stepped into the paint.  These soles aren’t shy.  They show themselves every time you cross your legs or kick up your heels.

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