Gerber Technology is the Future of Fashion

Gerber Technology is the Future of Fashion

Red Carpet Bay Area introduces the future of fashion with Gerber Technology:

We met members of Gerber’s leadership team in San Francisco when they were in town for the road show they call Ideation. From fashion to furniture, to transportation and aerospace, Gerber is all about technology in flexible materials. Gerber products and digital cloud-based solutions allow its clients to bring products to market very quickly — and from anywhere in the world.

3D Printed Fashion

Fashion designer Danit Peleg produced an entire collection using Gerber Technology. Each piece 3D printed and designed using AccuMark software.

Danit wants her future clients to take the custom clothing files she provides and print their own clothing and accessories. “Once the materials evolve and look like cotton or silk, or the fabrics we know today, the printing will be faster and easier,” said Peleg. “Last year it took 300 hours to print a dress, this year I can do it in 100 hours.”


Reserve your spot at Ideation, November 1 – 3, 2017, in Los Angeles. Gerber Technology’s Ideation is a collaboration of a lot of very smart and talented people. Expect a day of training, panel sections, an introduction to sewbots and an interactive area where you can design in 3D wearing VR glasses.

Video credits: MBL Media Productions, director of photography Mark Hamburg, editor Joanna Hidalgo, written and produced by Marybeth La Motte; Special thanks: Vivi Andrijani