FOG Design+Art Premiere

FOG Fair San Francisco, Red Carpet Bay Area
Hektor Draws a Landscape by Alex Rich and Jurg Lehni, 2003; Hektor is a portable spray paint output device for computers (photo: Jurg Lehni)

San Francisco FOG Design+Art Fair, the city’s newest modernism art fair, debuted at Fort Mason on January 16, 2014, with a preview gala and benefit for SFMOMA. Some 35 contemporary design dealers displayed an array of art and food for a weekend full of events, lectures and interactive discussions.

FOG Fair exhibits included daily performances of Jurg Lehnis Hektor, a portable spray paint output that can be connected to laptops to create large-scale art. Ron Arad‘s Pressed Flower, Baby You Can, one in a series of compressed Fiats, presented by Hedge Gallery, impressed. Event designer and steering committee member Stanlee Gatti introduced food as art with 21POP in the Kitchen, a pasta making display, to mark the launch of Michael and Lindsay Tusk‘s new gourmet pasta line.

Scenes from the FOG Design+Art Fair opening night:

On January 17, SFMOMA’s Modern Art Council presented a panel discussion entitled Key Moments in Contemporary Design and Art: What to Know When Building a Collection. On January 18, artist Arad participated in an open conversation with Jennifer Dunlop Fletcher, curator of architecture and design for SFMOMA, and Craig Dykers of Snohetta about the new SFMOMA expansion.

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