Beauty Made in the Bay by Stephanie Belleci and You

Bellici Cosmetics, Foundation, Red Carpet Bay Area
Makeup Artist Stephanie Bellici


The American beauty industry just got prettier for women of all shades, ages, and ethnicities thanks to Belleci Cosmetics, based in Alamo, California. Makeup artist and former Oakland Raiderette Stephanie Belleci created and launched her namesake brand aimed at empowering women to embrace their own skin-tones. Stephanie makes her Belleci Cosmetics products right here in the East Bay.

Belleci Cosmetics’ signature product is a custom color anti-aging foundation system that allows the user to easily and quickly lighten or deepen her shade anytime and anywhere, without changing the undertone. The foundation is also a hydrating and anti-aging product made with plant-based stem cells, antioxidants, and Tremella Mushroom Extract.

“I worked on the perfect color ratio for over ten years and created four universal shades that meet the needs of women of all ethnicities,” said Belleci. “This foundation will never turn your skin color too pink, too yellow, or too ashy. The product is so easy to use that you can adjust the color as many times as you want without changing the undertone of the foundation. The secret is a built-in color corrector that will always adjust perfectly and keep your foundation neutral.”

reported by Doris Hobbs for Red Carpet Bay Area