BayKids Women in Motion 4th Annual Luncheon

BayKids Women in Motion 4th Annual Luncheon, Red Carpet Bay Area
Saving Private Ryan

BayKids Studios, the nonprofit organization with a mission to empower children who are facing medical challenges, held its 4th annual Women in Motion blockbuster event on March 8, 2017. The staff at BayKids works every day to help children express themselves through the art of filmmaking. At their annual Hollywood movie-style luncheon, BayKids supporters choose the films and decide which roles to play. From Trolls to Maleficent, some 40 volunteers decorated 18 tables for the lively and competitive afternoon. Not only elaborate tabletop displays but also costumes are a big part of the fun.

Scenes from the event at Hillsborough Racquet Club:

Films represented and their producers for BayKids Women in Motion 4th Annual Luncheon:

Addams Family by Alex Caban and Bettina Mirsepahi
Austin Powers by Jessica Zuker and Danielle Simon
Black Swan by Courtney Bocci, Jeanine Cranston and Missy Del Santo
Blues Brothers by Colleen Dowd and Tara Klein
Bring it On by Julie Viet and Karin Fradin
Friday by Billy Harris
La La Land by Kim Hughes, Karen Mason, Keara Meyercord, Becky Selna and Jeanine Tonas
Magnificent Seven by Lore McGovern
Maleficent by Criss de Guzman and Celine Shimizu (BayKids Winner: Best Costumes)
Moana by Mark Lester and Annie Lester
Moulin Rouge by Nicole Melchiorre, Kim Gelman Turner and Deanna Verhoeven
Nightmare Before Christmas by Shawna Droese
Rogue One by Lucas-Kaitlin Shipley
Saving Private Ryan by Kelly Bligh and Amy Underwood (BayKids Winner: Best Picture)
Sister Act by Jana Arbanas, Alison Caron and Allison Keenan (BayKids Winner: People’s Choice)
Titanic by Dina Jackson and Suzy Lester
Trolls by Chelsea Woo
Troop Beverly Hills by Renee Fisher and Katie Irvine

Photos by Drew Altizer Photography

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