A Good Idea

Jared Paul founded A Good Idea, a nonprofit dedicated to helping San Francisco’s homeless, in June 2008.  Since then, nearly every Tuesday evening, he and his team meet at the Red Victorian on Haight Street to discuss ways to cultivate compassion and empathy.  Jared and his team know that children under the age of 17 are the fastest growing segment of the homeless population, and they are doing things about it.  A Good Idea connects people in need with people who want to help.  To that end, join them on November 11, 2009, for A Call to Hope, at the St. Francis Yacht Club, and learn more.  Details: www.agoodideasf.org.

A Good Idea creates solutions for social issues by bringing together social experts, researching, improving upon and implementing proven social change models.  An example is Idea 1: Serving Homeless Youth.  The planned Hope Academy of Arts and Sciences is a full-scale accredited high school and village for San Francisco’s homeless teens.  Get involved: www.agoodideasf.org.