What a Difference Groomed Brows Make

Brows Make

What a difference groomed brows make — my eyebrows are high maintenance; they grow fast in places unwanted, they can be too light, too dark, too few or too much. I am an Asian woman, my hair is dark my brows are light, yet thick. Sometimes I think I look like a Yeti! In the past I used tweezers or a razor for shaping, but every time I trimmed one brow it was slightly higher than the other, and I ended up filling them in with an eyebrow pencil.

Today my face changed. I met Morgan Boling at MilVali Salon on Union Street in San Francisco. Morgan tinted my brows the right shade of brown, waxed away the unwanted hairs, and left me with a new, easy to maintain, frame for my face.

I highly recommend Morgan, not only for brows, but also for airbrush tanning and body waxing. Give her a call at 415-409-1500. — Jueun Hwang for Red Carpet Bay Area

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