Could it vTrue?

Peter Crane, founder of vTrue

Is it true that eating and drinking certain botanical extracts, minerals and vitamins can produce collagen and elastin, combat aging skin and enhance circulation? Many doctors believe it.  After years of snow skiing and surfing, Peter Crane, diagnosed with skin cancer at a young age, in 2007,  found it to be true. Crane, who had studied nutrition at UCLA, undertook a worldwide search for nutrients that could protect and heal the skin. He discovered that certain supplements act to mitigate the free radical damage that can lead to skin ailments, and by taking them, he observed, that not only did his skin become healthier, but it also looked more youthful and radiant.

As a result, Crane developed a “beauty drink.” VTrue, a drink that sells alongside juices at local markets, promises beautiful skin from within™. VTrue is a 45 calorie per bottle blend of 25 botanical extracts, minerals and vitamins; including 510 mg of botanical extracts, and 100 percent of the RDA of 8 vitamins and minerals. It comes in two flavors, goji and lemon or blackberry and tangerine.

The company is based in Sausalito and produced at a bottling company in Watsonville, CA.  VTrue claims its beverage:

  1. Supports healthy skin cell renewal and strong dermal structure
  2. Reduces chronic inflammation
  3. Renews and repairs photo-damaged skin

I am drinking. Cheers!