Tis the Season to be Chic

Sobia A. Shaikh and Stephanie Tuttle

San Francisco Opera Guild chose fashionable co-chairs for its annual holiday event, Tis the Season, on December 6, 2008.¬†Sobia Shaikh (pronounced like chic) and Stephanie Tuttle turned Alexandra’s, the ballroom atop the Westin St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco, back into the cool nightclub it once was, circa 1992.

Watch the video:

People in this video (by order of appearance): Marybeth La Motte, Stephanie Tuttle, Sobia Sheikh, Bella Farrow, Victoria Yeager Sawyer, Mary Poland, Nadir Sheikh, Catherine Hall, Rich Baker, Elizabeth Touw, Nadine Weil, Zem Joaquin, Lo’renzo Hill-White, Lisa Alexander, Claudia Ross

More scenes from the event:

Video Production Credits: Hosted and Produced by Marybeth La Motte for MBL Media Productions, Director of Photography Mark Hamburg, Associate Producer and Stylist Cori Miller, Edited and Original Music by Greg Marasso 

Photos by Drew Altizer Photography