So Close Yet So Farm

A Romantic Getaway to the Carneros Inn


So Close Yet So Farm — One of the top 25 Romantic Getaways in the World, according to Travel & Leisure Magazine, is about a 45 minute drive from downtown San Francisco. The Carneros Inn is an easy escape to an authentic wine country experience for dinner, or even better, for longer. FARM, one of three restaurants on the property, is designed to welcome locals and guests with simple, locally grown and sourced food prepared by expert chefs.  Mother Nature controls the menu and the restaurant provides a sophisticated, well-balanced dining experience. And, they know wine. The property is managed by the PlumpJack Group, which began as PlumpJack Wines, a San Francisco wine shop opened by former Mayor Gavin Newsom in 1992.  Today, Newsom’s sister Hilary Newsom Callan presides over PlumpJack’s extensive portfolio of restaurants, resorts, wineries and retail stores.

For a month, a week, a night, a day, or a meal, with a group, with family or alone, The Carneros Inn welcomes with guest cottages, two pools, state of the art fitness facilities, a spa, three restaurants, retail shops, a post office and a general store. Wireless Internet is provided at no charge.  When are we going?