San Francisco Debutantes, Spring 2014

San Francisco Debutantes 2014
Sutton Fanlo, Mackenzie Erdman

The Women’s Board of California Pacific Medical Center Foundation presented 34 young women from the Bay Area at its 50th annual San Francisco Debutante Ball on Saturday, June 14, 2014, at the Westin St. Francis Hotel. Some 735 supporters attended the event that combined tradition and philanthropy, chaired by Pamela Healy. Since 1964, family and friends of honorees have helped the Women’s Board contribute over $3.5 million to California Pacific Medical Center programs.

When asked why she wanted to participate, Chiara Brown said that timing had a lot to do with it. She and her friends decided to experience it together at the end of their senior year in high school, before heading off to separate colleges. Her parents, Victoire Reynal Brown and Owsley Brown, agreed and supported her participation in the meetings, hospital tours, luncheons, teas, rehearsals and parties leading up to the ball. Chiara’s mother helped her find a dress that fit the guidelines set by the committee. They chose a design by Angel Sanchez and had it expertly tailored to meet the deb standards by Jin Wang. The Browns said their entire experience was positive, the ball was beautifully executed and well organized.

Scenes from the 50th annual San Francisco Debutante Ball:

The San Francisco Debutantes of 2014: Georgia Jamieson Arnautou of San Francisco, Carlisle Page Bell of Mill Valley, Caroline Anne Bertain of San Francisco, Lindsay McGuire Bettinger of Belvedere, Chiara Shalimar Brown of San Francisco, Morgan Christine Buckley of Tiburon, Caroline Ann Callaghan of Hillsborough, Christina Bowes Canady of Belvedere, Francesca Alexis Dana of San Francisco, Natalie Lauren DeMuro of Wilson, WY, Samantha Rose Dilley of San Francisco, Mackenzie Kate Dowling of San Francisco, Mackenzie Eleanor Erdman of San Francisco, Katherine Grace Ericson of Hillsborough, Elise Ann Ferguson of Mill Valley, Katherine Sutton Grayson of San Francisco, Georgianna Harris of San Francisco, Kristina Lee Hillhouse of Burlingame, Charlotte Hart Hoefer of Hillsborough, Lauren Blake Hutchinson of Tiburon, Mackenzie Lynn Hutchinson of Tiburon, Abigail Williams Keller of San Francisco, Joanna Solveig Knutsen of San Francisco, Cynthia Annabel Love of Hillsborough, Elizabeth Jane Mahoney of San Francisco, Molly Lana Okamura of Petaluma, Michaela Genaro Papale of San Francisco, Sara Elisabeth Poole of San Francisco, Alexandra Nicole Robertson of Belvedere, Alison Roberta Slivon of Ross, Isabelle Sophie Canham Smith of Hillsborough, Claire Kapiolani Solomon of San Francisco, Carolin Alexis Trocmé of San Francisco, Catherine Elizabeth Zimmer of Mill Valley

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