San Francisco Art Institute: The Original Disruptor Gala

San Francisco Art Institute Gala: The Original Disruptor, Red Carpet Bay Area
San Francisco Art Institute Gala: Rainbow by Lorena Perez Villers at The Original Disruptor

In my opinion, San Francisco Art Institute Gala: The Original Disruptor was one of the best parties of the year thus far. Alumni artists and teachers transformed the campus at 800 Chestnut Street into a series of stunning art bars and lounges for one night only, on April 29, 2017.

Just a few highlights from my experience: David Best‘s awe-inspiring installation over the entrance and in the historic courtyard set the tone. From there, I spent a lot of time in an inner sanctum where Avengers lead singer Penelope Houston rocked and tequila poured. In a small room turned alpine-tiki bar, The Kunstcapdes not only served tropical drinks but also conducted interviews for their art talk radio show. On the roof, SFAI assistant professor Mads Lynnerup created a bar on a hydraulic lift that was raised and lowered based on the quality of conversation (as determined by the bartender).

So many artists contributed lounges filled with interesting work, my only criticism is that I wished they would keep it open for two nights!

Founded in 1871, SFAI is one of the oldest academic institutions of higher learning dedicated to the study of contemporary art in the country. It is one of only two institutions that focus solely on fine art.

Scenes from San Francisco Art Institute: The Original Disruptor Gala:

Photos by Drew Altizer Photography

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