RedCarpetSF Kids’ Summer Vacations

The City by the Bay offers children a wide array of scenic outdoor options as well as enough unique, artsy indoor alternatives to round out the full San Francisco experience. Summer time adventures shared by a few RedCarpetSF kids:


Ashton La Motte, 5

Punta Mita, Mexico & Lake Tahoe, NV

“I tried snorkeling in Punta Mita, Mexico, and went crawdad fishing at Lake Tahoe.  I like summer because water is fun.”

Kate Wing, 7

Estes Park, CO

“I remember feeding the fish, they like worms. Then I caught the biggest fish! I like reeling it in.” As for her horse, “His name is Socks because three of his legs are white up to his knees. I rode him on a big mountain trail and it was fun, well, a little scary, but more fun!”


Charlotte Jude, 9

Different Fur Recording Studios, San Francisco, CA

“I trained really hard with my vocal coach and recorded three songs this summer. Definitely the favorite song on my mini-album is ‘Your Smile’ because I love the Naked Brothers Band and especially David Levi. Next up is recording my full-length album. The experience taught me a lot and made me feel like a rock star!”


Chase Hall, 12

Gold Arrow Camp, Huntington Lake, CA

“I went wakeboarding. I was at Shaver Lake and Huntington Lake. I earned a half-gold award at Gold Arrow Camp. I was happy that I only went once last year and this year got up at 5:45am to go almost every day! My goal next year is to get a full-gold award. Go for the GOLD!”

compiled by Mireille Schwartz, RedCarpetSF Style Council