Mural, Music & Arts Project

June 2009: A student performance at the Mural, Music and Arts Project in East Palo Alto

In 2001, attorney Eugene Clark-Herrera founded the Mural Music & Arts Project while a student at Stanford Law School. His goals — to educate, empower, employ and inspire at-risk kids in East Palo Alto through art. By June 2009, MMAP had employed some 370 young people. At the same time, MMAP taught them mural art, provided encouragement, and a safe haven. Youths learn to express themselves through mural design, write, record and perform original music.

Red Carpet Bay Area recently caught up with Sonya Clark-Herrera, MMAP executive director, and met some of the talented students.

Meet MMAP:

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Executive Producer & Host: Marybeth La Motte, Writer & Producer: Jan Mabry, Director of Photography and Editor: Mark Hamburg, Associate Producer: Cori Miller, Special Thanks: Sonya Clark-Herrera