Jamie Durie on Red Carpet Bay Area

Just one of Jamie Durie's own backyard spaces at his LA residence

Jamie Durie, the international award-winning founder and director of Durie Design has become one of Australia’s most recognizable talents and horticultural pioneers …

Durie’s “Outdoor Room” concept inspired our generation to rediscover their garden; he has penned nine best-selling books and founded The Outdoor Room magazine. In Australia Durie hosts many top-rated television programs, receiving the Logie award for Most Popular Male Talent, as well as six consecutive Logie awards for Most Popular Lifestyle Program.  In the United States, his show on HGTV, The Outdoor Room, is in its fourth season. Other notable achievements include 33 garden design awards nationally and internationally, and each year he donates his time and resources to numerous charities.

Jamie Durie gave Red Carpet Bay Area some advice for creating the ideal backyard space.  Backyard kitchens can make cooking fun, especially when serving to an outdoor dining area. A modular lounge with U-shaped seating, or even simple wooden chairs are perfect for creating a “conversation corner,” which Jamie explains is important because, “when you evoke conversation, people stay awhile; they’ll spend more time connected to gorgeous plants, the fresh air, and sunshine.” Jamie suggests using native plants, and to pay attention to size first. Starting with tall and adding short plants creates an “amphitheater effect,” which Jamie explains, makes the backyard feel like a “sunken, secret garden, tucked away,” and like all of his designs, “just your own.”

For a chance to have Jamie Durie design your backyard, go to www.Lowes.com/PinterestSweepstakes. — written by Nicole Clark, video produced by Marybeth La Motte, edited by Jueun Hwang.