Grown Up Easter Fashion

Jimmy Choo at Saks Fifth Avenue
Jimmy Choo at Saks Fifth Avenue
Jimmy Choo at Saks Fifth Avenue

Remember when you were a little girl and paraded around in your floral dress, frilly white socks, shiny black shoes and Easter bonnet? Now that it is 2013 and you are all grown up and times have changed, what are the fashion choices for Easter?

Florals, pastels and vintage are in. Soft blues, pinks, purples, oranges and yellows can be seen on practically every accessory for spring 2013. Dress for success by looking to the styles on the runway for inspiration.

1960s Floral Patterned Dresses

Spring fashion is going mod and swinging back to the ’60s. Playful, bold and bright prints abound, with short hems and A-line silhouettes. Contrast piping, bright and block patterns are in vogue. Also popular are green and white checkered dresses, psychedelic and sheer blouses, and bold, colorful and sweet florals. Incorporate some modern style with a neon handbag and faux jewels. If you’re feeling extra groovy, draw inspiration from an Easter flowers centerpiece and don tulip-inspired prints.


For gentlemen, choose a brightly colored button down shirt, add an elegant, black bow-tie and black slacks, or blue jeans if your crowd is more casual. For  women, fully embrace the geek-chic style with Mad Men style dresses: sleeveless, scoop neck-styles in hues of emerald green, pink, black or red.

Stripes by Dolce & Gabbana at Saks Fifth Avenue
Stripes by Dolce & Gabbana at Saks Fifth Avenue


For a romantic, whimsical look, pull out the crochet and lace. Emerald green, milky pastels and white are colors that bring smiles. Mint green is surprisingly complimentary on every skin type. Pair mint green with a pop of coral on your nails and shoes.


Stripes are always a popular choice and never go out of style. Horizontal stripes can make you appear slimmer and vertical stripes help you look taller. For an elegant rocker look, pair a black and white stripped babydoll tee with a flowy, mint green skirt. All over striped maxi dresses are popping up all over the place and are ideal for any party. Wear them with earrings and heels for a dressier option or wavy hair and flip flops for an Easter egg hunt on the lawn.


Sheer has made a bold statement this year and is sticking far into summer. Sheer fashion is a statement that dares and teases onlookers. It encompasses the subtle and sexual to the monochromatic and colorful. If you’re daring enough, wear a pistachio sheer top paired with peek-a-boo bra and white pants. But if that’s too daring for you, a simple undershirt with the sheer top will look absolutely fabulous as well.