Fresh Start

2010: A fresh start, clean slate, renewed optimism and clarity on the past. As we reflect on what went right in 2009 and how things could be different this year, it’s fun (and perhaps more lighthearted …), to think in terms of fashion. Let’s take a look at styles we embraced and loved last year, as well as those we will happily leave behind.

2009 Trends that hit:

Heavy Metal

Everything from shoes to handbags took on a hard edge. Accessories were bold and embellished with razor-sharp details such as zippers, grommets, and everything in between. Somehow it worked, but I’m definitely looking forward to a softer look in spring 2010.

Bold Boots

Whether you opted for the over-the-knee, the more demure ankle boot, or the “shootie” (term for the shoe and boot hybrid), last year there were plenty of choices and a myriad of styles to choose.

80’s Excess

Think Balmain. The look was definitely a hit with the young Hollywood and fashion-forward set. Those of us who wore it the first time around were better off treading lightly. Instead of going for all-out glitz, we added touches of sequins and shimmer in smaller doses; but there was no denying that flash-and-dash had not been seen and embraced in such large doses since the days of Dynasty.

Blue Crush

In 2009 when we finally figured out how to wear the skinny jean to compliment our figures, out of nowhere came the “boyfriend.” Well, these boyfriends are definitely comfortable and cute, but are they here for the long term? Who knows, let’s enjoy them while they last. We also saw jeans in new hues, and suddenly grey as well as black jeans became part of the regular rotation.

Wise Investments

Over-the-top was not considered a smart investment in 2009.  We found ways to maintain our fashion standards while making intelligent financial decisions. We wanted value and quality, and though there were trends, for the most part it was the classics that grounded us and remained our staples. Luxurious and cozy cashmeres, buttery leathers, sparkling jewels and sumptuous Louboutins abounded, but we thought a little longer and a lot harder when deciding what was worth the splurge. It was a like a badge of honor to pull out a classic handbag that could hold its own against any trend or fad of the season.

2009 Trends also worth mentioning: leggings, animal prints, clutch bags, statement necklaces, cocktail rings, leather, blazers, shoes with a “gladiator” influence, Ray Ban Wayfarers, aviator sunglasses, faux-fur vests, straw fedoras, slouchy wool-beanies and scarves (worn no matter the temperature).

What did you love and loathe, and what you are embracing for 2010? Here’s to a stylish and fabulous 2010! Looking forward to hearing from you.