Federighi & Wolfson’s Circus

Toni Wolfson, Bob Federighi, Red Carpet Bay Area
Hotdog Junior Wolfson-Federighi

Ringleaders Toni Wolfson and Bob Federighi invited ladies, gentlemen, and children of all ages (over 21) to a circus-themed costume party at their home, on October 24, 2009. Lions, temptresses, clowns, knife throwers, big game hunters, fortune tellers and a variety of traveling performers showed up for filet mignon, smoked salmon and caviar, mini corn dogs, popcorn and cotton candy, carnival midway games and sideshows.

Scenes from the event:


Each Halloween, the Federighis transform their home. In 2008, the theme was Hitchcock. The 2010 theme is already coming together (to be announced).