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Elisabeth Thieriot

If Elisabeth Thieriot missed the latest party, it is likely because she was working on one of three projects: her book, Be Fabulous at Any Age, her magazine, FSHN, or her skincare line, Replete. It could also be her movie, Mayan Revelations and Hollywood Lies, which has been in production since April 2012. Red Carpet Bay Area caught up with Thieriot and the film crew at a pre-release event at her home in Tiburon; watch the video:

Be Fabulous at Any Age, is full of tips for youthful living, retaining strength, and maintaining beautiful skin. Thieriot recommends taking advantage of nature’s cycles to yield abundance and success. Her ‘seasonal living’ philosophy for optimal health and well-being led Thieriot to create Replete, an anti-aging skincare regime. Replete, which also means full and abundant, is the first age-defying product to promote year-round beauty and balance based on two essential physiological cycles: circadian (24 hour) and seasonal (three months).

Thieriot launched FSHN, a quarterly fashion publication, in October 2013. FSHN is the text word for fashion; on the masthead of the magazine it stands for fashionable, sexy, haute and naughty. FSHN, based in San Francisco and formerly Bay Fashion Magazine, covers the international world of fashion. Red Carpet Bay Area contributed a column to the first issue.