Cliff House San Francisco

Cliff House Centennial Celebration
Cliff House, San Francisco
Cliff House in 1896

San Francisco’s historic Cliff House celebrated 100 years perched on spectacular cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean in November 2009. Originally built as a modest structure by Senator John Buckley and C. C. Butler in 1863, the restaurant became a popular destination when Captain Junius Foster took over as the lessee. Adolph Sutro purchased the Cliff House and rebuilt it in the style of a French chateau in 1896. It was destroyed in 1906 by the earthquake and resulting fire.

In 1909, the neoclassical style Cliff House we know today was built with reinforced steel and concrete. Dr. Emma Merritt, daughter of Adolph Sutro, along with John Tait and  a group of investors completed the construction at a cost of $75,000. Recently restored by restaurant owners Mary and Dan Hountalas in collaboration with the National Park Service, the Cliff House is the crown jewel of Golden Gate National Recreation Area and still famous for its restaurants and unparalleled views.

Scenes from the Cliff House Centennial Celebration:

The Cliff House 100 year anniversary celebration featured a fashion show with period gowns made of paper designed by Mari O’Connor and Lily Smith. Hair and makeup by Vivi Andrijani, photography by Jeffrey Hipona.