Flight Plan

Jet setting, globe trotting, or whatever term you prefer, travelling always gives me a feeling of excitement, as if I’m off to some exotic location. While most trips are worth the anticipation, the actual getting ready process often lacks luster, especially during the busy holiday season.   Going through security, removing shoes, jewels and belts, displaying your laptop, all at an Olympic-sprinter’s pace, can leave even the most style-savvy traveler feeling more frazzled than fabulous.  I can’t do anything about the lines or security procedures, but below are some tips I’ve picked up along the way; hopefully they will make your trip more enjoyable.  

The Three “C’s”:  Cashmere, Cotton, Comfort

Always wear something that looks as good as it feels. The key is dressing in layers so you can adjust to temperature changes while still looking stylish. Cotton and cashmere are the perfect fabrics to wear while traveling. Cashmere sweaters and quality cotton tees or tops paired with flattering pants or leggings will keep you comfy and cozy during the flight. 


I never, ever leave home without a cashmere wrap or an oversized scarf. For longer flights I pack two (roll them up, they take up very little room), and use the second one as a headrest or pillow. I avoid the pillows on planes at all cost—yuck!  As for shoes, obviously the time of year determines what is appropriate, but Sue London makes a great ballet flat that literally rolls up in your bag.  They are perfect for in-flight and beyond.


In the Bag


I suggest putting whatever you will need for the first day or evening in your carry-on suitcase (the one that gets stored in the overhead compartment).  Ask yourself: if my luggage were lost, what would I need the first day or night to get me through until my bag arrives?


My other carry-on is an oversized handbag that fits under the seat in front of me, and is filled with my in-flight must-haves. In addition to the wallet, passport and travel itinerary, my essentials:


Electronic basics:  phone, computer, iPod, camera, and last but not least, I highly recommend Bose headphones.  I used to roll my eyes when I saw travelers pull them out, but now I know how amazing they are! Use them for music, movies, or to drown out noise. We’ve all sat next to the chatty passenger who decided to share a four hour version of their life story.  Headphones give you the option of chit chatting, or politely saying, “do not disturb” by putting them on. Trust me, these are the best $250 I’ve ever spent!


Important tip: get back-up chargers for your phone, computer, and other small electronics, and put them in a little bag that always stays in your carry-on; that way, you’re never scrambling at the last minute to find them, or forgetting to bring them along.


Makeup Essentials


When I fly, less truly is more when it comes to wearing makeup. No matter what, it’s a tough task to step off of a flight looking as fresh as when you arrived, but a few simple steps can help:


Pack makeup items with multiple uses. I love the Nars Makeup Palettes — they are sleek, slim, and can save the day in a pinch because they contain blush, eye shadows and several lip colors all in one. “The Multiple” by Nars is also great because it can be used on the eyes, lips and cheeks.


A Bobbi Bown foundation stick is also a must because you can apply only where you need it and as a concealer.  It is mess-free and quick, and since it’s not liquid there is no trouble at security.  Add mascara and brushes from the Sephora Beauty to Go Brush Set, and you’re all set.


Important tip: nothing is more important for your skin than water!  Drink lots of water.


Miscellaneous Must-Haves:


Oversized sunglasses, a hair-clip or barrette, hand-sanitizer or baby wipes (also great for in-flight spills and removing makeup), Advil, travel-size moisturizer, lip balm, toothbrush and toothpaste, Emergen-C packets (who knows if they work, but thinking they do comforts me), brush, eye mask, mints, every magazine I can carry, eye drops, mini lint-brush, and a pen– when I get bored I do the crossword in the in-flight magazine or I make a to-do list.


Important tip:  always keep any valuables, especially jewelry, in the carry-on that fits under the seat and stays with you. Never put them in the overhead compartment.


Now, sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight!