Channeling Love

The Salzman Family, 2011

Don’t touch that dial — stay tuned to The Love Channel! Channeling Love was the theme for Jillian Manus and Alan Salzman‘s sixth annual Valentine’s Day Ball, a benefit for Stanford Cancer Center. Watch Red Carpet Bay Area’s video coverage:

Channeling Love took guests back to the iconic television shows of the 1970’s at the Salzman’s Atherton home on February 5, 2011. Nearly 400 guests crossed over into the Twilight Zone when they entered the party through a giant television in the front yard.

“I think I love you!” sang The Partridge Family, in front of their painted tour bus, parked in the front yard. The Beverly Hillbillies played banjos in the living room, cops from CHiPs made arrests in the media room, Saturday Night Live was onstage in the kitchen, and the backyard became I Dream of Jeannie’s bottle. Spouses were tested on The Newlywed Game and the I Love Lucy famous conveyer belt filled with chocolates was in motion all night long. Guests mingled with The Addams Family, Edith and Archie Bunker, Gilligan and Skipper, and Tatoo from Fantasy Island, just to name a few of the characters represented.  The event was created by Manus and Salzman and produced and designed by Robert Fountain and his team.

As in years past, 100 percent of the party was underwritten by the Salzmans; the ticket price of $1,500 per guest was a donation to Stanford Cancer Center. The Salzmans’ annual Valentine’s Ball has generated nearly $2 million for Stanford Cancer Center, since 2005.


The Love Channel Video Credits
Executive Producer:  Marybeth La Motte
Writer & Producer: Jan Mabry
Director of Photography:  Mark Hamburg (I Dream of Jeannie and All in the Family video courtesy Sony Pictures Television)
Editor:  Joanna Hidalgo
Associate Producer: Cori Miller
Photographs: Drew Altizer Photography
Hair & Makeup:  MilVali Salon, San Francisco
Special Thanks: Ferrari Silicon Valley, Robert Fountain, Deb Monti, Jason Pulido, Alan Salzman, Jillian Manus Salzman, Letizia Silvestri, Lori Puccinelli Stern

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