Between Us … Skin

I grew up in Florida which meant lots of sun and, at the time, very little, if any, sunscreen.  I rarely wore sunglasses.  One of the jobs I had in high school was as a Southern Belle at a place called Cypress Gardens.  We belles walked among the gardens in the sun all day wearing antebellum dresses, smiling and taking pictures with tourists. 

Fast-forward many years and the sun damage started to bother me.  Funny how at 40 I wear less makeup daily than I did at 16.  Fortunately, I met Cheryl Pierce who suggested Fraxel™, a noninvasive laser therapy designed to improve skin texture and pigmentation.  I am thrilled with the results after only one treatment, and the recovery was practically overnight.  I am fighting aging with technology, thanks to Cheryl Pierce and her commitment to ageless beauty, and you can too.