Are We Ready for Red?

Photo by Daily Sunny

To me, red lips are sultry and sexy but they are not simple to pull off.  In the past I shied away from scarlet, though after seeing red on so many faces this season I decided to find a way to wear red lips with confidence.

Is there a red for everyone?  The first step to choosing the right red is to determine the best shade for your skin tone.  If your skin tends toward tan and warm in tone, look for an orangey red. For cooler skin tones choose a blue red. A universally flattering shade is a classic pillar-box red.

I’ve heard makeup artists suggest going with either a strong lip or strong eye, but, like most women, I like the best of both worlds.  I think a good option is to go for a minimal, clean-looking eye, but with dramatic black eyeliner and lots of lashes. Add flawless foundation and a shade of red lipstick, and go from basic to bombshell. I think I’m ready to give it a try. How about you?

Cori Miller’s Red Lipstick Cheat Sheet:

Universal Reds: Nars Jungle Red, Mac Russian Red, Chanel Passion #14

For Yellow or Warm Skin Tones:

Splurge: Nars Heat Wave, Mac Chili, Vincent Longo Fore-plush, Nars Shanghai Express
Save: Loreal Volcanic, Maybelline Midnight Red

For Pink or Cool Skin Tones:

Splurge:  Smashbox Stunning, Laura Mercier Seduction, Chanel Shanghai Red
Save: Cover Girl Ruby Rush, Loreal Sunset Red

True Reds:

Splurge: Nars Red Lizard, Mac Ruby Woo, Nars Fire Down Below
Save: Loreal British Red , Loreal Drum-beat Red

Cori Miller, Red Carpet Bay Area Stylist and Associate Producer