Ageless Beauty and Headache Solutions in San Francisco

Red Carpet Bay Area’s Marybeth La Motte is a fan of the Headache Solutions Clinic and Ageless Beauty Skin Clinic, both located at 2001 Union Street in San Francisco. At his Headache Solutions ClinicDr. Gary Belaga treats all neurological disorders, most often migraines and headaches. According to Dr. Belaga, nearly 90 percent of people get recurring headaches and many suffer migraines so unmanageable that daily assistance is necessary.  Neurotoxin therapy, the most famous of which is Botox, is revolutionary in the field.  There are several dozen injection sites across the forehead and both temples, in the back of the head and down both sides of the neck. Dr. Belaga observes many of his patients who not only find life-changing headache relief, but also lose some of their wrinkles.

In the same office, Cheryl Pierce‘s Ageless Beauty Skin Clinic offers non-surgical cosmetic procedures using the latest technology and products for enhancing and improving skin health.  Botox, Fraxel, dermal fillers and Refine skin resurfacing are just a few of the treatments offered.  Esthetician Theresa Ferrer performs HydraFacials, chemical peels, laser hair removal and vein therapy, in addition to effective anti-aging facial treatments.