What is it About a Woman in Red?

What is it About a Woman in Red? Red Carpet Bay Area
Annalise Basso in a dress designed by Bibhu Mohapatra (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

What is it about a woman in red? According to an Illuminati website, a woman in a red dress is a subliminal and powerful brainwash that promises a better life, fame, fortune, and power. A study published in Psychology Today reveals that a woman in a red dress is more sexually appealing, more sought-after, and seen as more attractive by men, than a woman in blue. My zoologist friend reports that even butterflies find red hard to resist.

On Valentine’s Day, a salute to some recent sightings:

More About Red

Red is an emotionally intense color often used to express love. In Indian culture red symbolizes purity and is commonly used for wedding gowns. In modern China, red is considered a symbol of love, joy, and prosperity. Red candles, flowers, ribbons and fireworks, are popular at weddings and strictly forbidden at funerals.

In Europe and the United States, the color red is associated with courage, force, passion, and heat. Red can make the heart beat faster. It can also also stimulate the appetite.

What is it about a woman in red? Try it and find out for yourself. Happy Valentine’s Day!