What Are They Saying About You?

Nicholas Peterson, Guy Kornblum, Kaitlyn Johnson, Walter Crump

What are they saying about you? We believe in the power of testimonials — a client can say what you can’t about your work. Testimonials reassure viewers that they are not alone, and their endorsements make great videos! According to Google (May 2013), when visiting YouTube, business viewers’ interests include testimonials (29%), product demos (28%) and product reviews (27%). Forbes says of marketing in 2013, successful strategies are those that are not only simple in nature, but also promote goods and services that serve to simplify the consumer’s life or their customer experience.

MBL Media Productions creates Red Carpet Bay Area and also serves as a full-service communications, video production and digital media consulting company. As an example of effective testimonials, watch the video for our client Guy Kornblum & Associates: