The Vijay Amritraj Foundation Gala

Vijay Amritraj Foundation, Red Carpet Bay Area
Bhangra Empire

The Vijay Amritraj Foundation: In 2006, tennis legend, ESPN anchor, television, and movie star Vijay Amritraj founded an international charity that brings hope, help, and healing to defenseless and innocent victims of disease, tragedy, and circumstance in India. On March 14, 2015, the Vijay Amritraj Foundation held its first charity gala in the Bay Area. The event attracted some 200 supporters — a capacity crowd — to the Four Seasons Hotel in Silicon Valley. Co-chaired by Bob Kondamoori, Vish Mishra, and Ram Reddy, the evening featured entertainment from comedian Paul Varghese, dancing by Bhangra Empire, and an impromptu performance from Dutch Counsel General Hugo von Meijenfeldt.

The Vijay Amritraj Foundation’s Advisory Board members include George H.W. Bush, 41st President of the United States; Michael Grindon, President, Sony Pictures International Television; Andy Heyward, CEO, DIC Entertainment; Andy Bird, President Walt Disney International and Vish Mishra, Venture Director, Clearstone Venture Partners, just to name a few.

Scenes from The Vijay Amritraj Foundation Gala:

Photos by Suneel Kelkar