Red Carpet Cruise 2010

Eoin Harrington

When life is good, it is so important to stop and smell the roses, and Red Carpet Bay Area decided to do just that this summer. Watch our summer cruise with Eoin Harrington on The Empress, as seen on Red Carpet Bay’s fall 2010 premiere on KRON4:

It has been two wonderful years since our website first launched, followed by the premiere of Red Carpet Bay Area, the television show in the spring of 2010. What better way to celebrate success than a summer cruise on the San Francisco Bay, aboard The Empress? Lots of friends, a tribute to San Francisco Opera’s Bravo! Club, plenty of good food and drink, and the amazing talents of Eoin Harrington. Here’s to this wonderful night, and all of the red carpet moments to come!

Executive Producer: Marybeth La Motte, MBL Media Productions
Writer & Producer: Jan Mabry
Associate Producer: Cori Miller
Photography: Drew Altizer, Steve Ducich
Editor: Ben McCormick
Makeup: Alexis Simonson for Giorgio Armani Cosmetics, Saks Fifth Avenue
Hair: Roderick Endert at Mr. Eckhard Salon, The Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco
Wardrobe: Sandy Mandel, Julia Panciroli Couture
Interns: Jared Carroll, Lauren Killips

Special Thanks: Deidre Rastelli, Tutti Fiori Floral Designs, Jane Burkhard, Anjelika Koulebakina, San Francisco Opera’s Bravo! Club, Remy Mertz, GREY GOOSE Vodka, Eoin Harrington & His Band, Cupcakes on the Go, Corkscrew Wines, Tallulah Wines, Prophet Wines, Gerry Robertson, The Empress, Sandy Mandel, Marsha Monro