Metal for Fall 2009

Chanel Facettes D'OR Gold Fiction nail color

In chemistry, metal is defined as an element that readily loses electrons to form positive ions; my definition of metal is one of the hottest trends for fall 2009!

Metallic accessories are so hot you will need to watch out that they don’t combust right on your body. Metallic accessories are an ideal way to inject a new seasonal trend into your wardrobe with minimal investment.

Chanel Facettes D’OR Gold Fiction nail color. I have been wearing this nail polish around town and on both coasts since the clever sales woman at Barney’s pulled it secretively from behind the Chanel counter and share it with me. It is the perfect gold polis — not too bright, not too shiny (even with a heavy top coat), and it lasts more than 24 hours!

L.A.M.B. Selene Two Piece Platform Pumps are H.O.T.! I must add the disclaimer that I have not found L.A.M.B. to be the most comfortable shoes but they are cute enough that it doesn’t even matter. With zipper detail and a 4.5″ leather covered heel you will literally wear these with almost any fall look.

Converse bronze tie up classic, is the absolute buy for anyone walking around the city — or just running to pick up the dog at daycare. They are a muted metallic so they will literally go with everything, plus they are under eighty bucks. Jackpot!

Michael Kors gold Newbury woven clutch in gold. Your 3G iPhone, lip gloss, mini wallet, valet ticket, business cards, and emergency sample perfume and maybe even more will fit in this larger than tiny clutch. Nothing says perfect like the perfect bag, this evening or not so evening bag will go will at least half your wardrobe and is a fantastic metallic accent.

Keylee Sanders, Style Studio

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