Japanese Pop Culture in San Francisco

Japantown, San Francisco: On Post Street, between Webster and Buchanan, is a new, three-story building with a transparent glass facade, called New People.  The 20,000 square foot complex is dedicated to Japanese pop culture and features shopping, a gallery and VIZ Cinema, the nation’s first movie theater devoted exclusively to Japanese film and anime.

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright is just one of the stores at New People. Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, specializes in Japanese Lolita fashion and carries the styles from Sweet Lolita – all pink and white frills and lace with teddy bears and parasols, to Gothic Lolita – a mix of black and white and innocence. As an aside, Japanese Lolita fashion in unrelated to Lolita, the famous Nabokov novel about sex and young girls.  Japanese Lolita styles are inspired by the way dolls were dressed in the Victorian era.  Think innocence, frills, lace, petticoats and dresses.

Some Lolita Styling Tips 

Makeup:  Do keep it youthful, natural and fresh.  Don’t do white face or blue and black lipstick.

Skirt length:  Do knee length; Don’t wear a mini.

Petticoats are a do, though don’t let it show through the fabric or below the hemline of your skirt.

Hairstyles:  sausage curls are a do.

Neatness counts.

Clothes should fit properly and they should be pressed.

Do wear socks or tights; Don’t wear socks over tights.

More about New People, 1746 Post Street, in Japantown, San Francisco: http://www.newpeopleworld.com/