Jane Seeks

Personal Development Coach Jane Inch

Personal development coach Jane Inch seeks relevance, clarity and empowerment, for herself and her clients. On her new blog, Seek, she contemplates a life filled with beautiful treasures that include both inner peace and Valentino Rockstuds. Seek is just one of Jane’s expressions of gratitude for the richness in her own life.

Jane says, as modern women, we are all seekers. We want to stay relevant, leave a meaningful mark, and build fulfilling relationships. Jane shares her perspective and that of others on her journey. Interesting design, yoga, entertainment, food and family — Jane is looking for and sharing innovative ideas — and highlighting creative and inspiring women.

As just one example, Jane introduces Liz Curtis, founder of  the new Table+Teaspoon in San Francisco. Liz is a lawyer-turned-blogger who embraced her passion for creating, designing, and cooking beautiful things. Liz practiced law by day, and practiced her passion by night and on weekends with her blog: Table + Teaspoon. Through her dedication to blogging, and confidence in her connection to an audience, Liz turned her passion into a business. Her ingenious online ‘rent the table’ concept is the perfect collaboration between Liz’s two selves: practical lawyer and creative entertainer. Read more on Seek

Another compelling and interesting post is about Jane’s friend Alisan Porter, a contestant this season on The Voice. On May 24, 2016, some ten million viewers watched Alisan win Season Ten! Alisan opens up about her struggles on the road to the ‘fairytale ending’ — from early success as a child star to overcoming addiction — and her doubts about putting herself back in the public eye after becoming a stay-at-home mom several years ago. Jane and Alisan discuss balance and inspiration, and what’s next … Read more on Seek.

As a professional personal development coach, Jane offers custom life balance workshops and retreats, as well as personal coaching programs. I suggest catching Jane speak. I’ll help spread the word on her upcoming engagements. — Marybeth La Motte