Gelareh Designs

Gelareh Designs at Spring Into Fall, a fashion show by Amber Marie Bently

Gelareh Alam, a San Francisco based fashion designer, draws inspiration from her experiences growing up in Iran where creative expression by women is not only stifled, it is forbidden. Fortunately, the psychology graduate and artist found fertile ground for her creativity in the United States, and in fashion design. Meet Gelareh on Red Carpet Bay Area:

Gelareh’s clothes are mostly complex fusions of cotton, leather and lace that accentuate a woman’s body; they are often delicately revealing and very feminine.

Video Credits:
MBL Media Productions Executive Producer: Marybeth La Motte; Writer & Producer: Jan Mabry; Associate Producer: Cori Miller; Director of Photography: Mark Hamburg; Editor: Henry Faybusovich; Hair & Makeup: MilVali Salon, San Francisco;

Special Thanks: Gelareh Alam, Karen Alexander, Amber Marie Bently, Christopher Bently, Rebecca Bruce, Yvette Marie Conde, Kalico Delafay, Dollymop Designs, Sequoia Emmanuelle, Sarah Fox, Brady Frey, Caley Johnson, Miss G Designs, Gita Salem, S&G Clothing