Between Us … Alexandra Skillman

Alexandra Skillman, after extensions

Between Us … by Alexandra Skillman

Augment: to make something already developed greater.
Confession: Four months ago I augmented my hair and dramatically changed the way I look. One of the best-kept secrets in the beauty industry is now my secret weapon: hair extensions! After four months living with the extensions, my notes:
  • Extensions added volume to my hair without damaging it
  • Extensions are now attainable for everyone, not just celebrities!
  • A worthwhile investment, the extensions last up to nine months
  • Similar to most good investments they need to be taken care of, and a visit to the salon every three months is recommended
The best part: I look and feel about 10 years younger!
Added bonus: a confidence boost. I walk into a room now, and I own it.
If you are thinking about hair extensions, I recommend consulting Deb Monti at MilVali Salon in San Francisco. MilVali uses no heat or glue on your hair, no weaving, no wax and no chemicals. Allure Magazine named Monti, owner of MilVali Salon, among the top three hair extensionists in the United States.
MilVali Salon, 2040 Union Street, San Francisco, tel 415-409-1500