TrackMan Golf at Meadowood

In addition to swimming, biking, hiking, croquet, tennis, fine dining and wine tasting, just to name a few of the activities available at Meadowood in Napa Valley, guests can improve their golf games, rain or shine.  Meadowood’s Golf Performance Studio offers TrackMan technology that “transforms the way players learn and how the game is taught,” explains Doug Pike, Meadowood’s resident golf professional and PGA Class A Member since 2003; “Gone are the days of students having to spend time trying to fit into someone else’s golf swing model.”

TrackMan records the club and ball data and displays the information in easy to understand graphic models, along with frame-by-frame video from multiple angles.  This information and visual component allow the student and teacher to quickly identify areas of need and instantly implement tailored adjustments, giving players the most complete and comprehensive session possible.

The nine hole executive walking course at Meadowood is a 1,649-yard, par 29 course with a 55.6 course rating. The narrow, tree-lined course includes 7 par-3 holes, and 2 par-4 holes and, at nine holes, is short enough to allow time in the day to enjoy other estate activities (the average round clocks in at about one hour and thirty minutes).