San Francisco Fall Art and Antiques Show

San Francisco Fall Art and Antiques Show 2016
Catherine Kwong in front of her Salon de Thé

The 35th Annual San Francisco Fall Art and Antiques Show, Animalia, kicked off with its much-loved Preview Gala on October 26, 2016. The usual fanfare greeted guests — caviar, iced vodka and lamb chops — served alongside displays of fine art and decorative objects. Over the course of four days, Show Chair Suzanne Tucker introduced thousands of visitors to some 51 exhibitors from around the globe.

Four local interior designers featured prominently in the entrance hall to the event, held once again at Fort Mason’s Festival Pavilion. Each designer created a vignette with hand-painted backdrops from de Gournay, with the Animalia theme for inspiration:

  1.  Ann Getty and Associates chose a sleek, modern setting for her antiques, with elephants of India as a focal point.
  2. Antonio Martinscolorful vignette was created to bring awareness to the endangered species of his native Brazil.
  3. Catherine Kwong created a “Salon de Thé,” dedicated to the heritage and connoisseurship of tea, with hand-painted silk panels alit with birds in flight.
  4. Jonathan Rachman took inspiration from his homeland of Indonesia, and chose “Loro Blonyo (the inseparable couple) Monkeys” de Gournay wallpaper.

Scenes from the Preview Gala at San Francisco Fall Art and Antiques Show:

Photos by Drew Altizer Photography

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