San Francisco Bay Gala

Angelique Tompkins and Adam Swig celebrated the beautiful San Francisco Bay at its 6th annual San Francisco Bay Gala, Soundwaves, on October 21, 2016. Some 500 supporters gathered at Aquarium of the Bay at Pier 39 for the sunset, live music, cocktails and dinner, followed by an afterparty at Wipeout Bar and Grill. The event raised more than $200,000 for’s mission to protect, restore, and inspire conservation of San Francisco Bay.

Guests mingled among sharks, river otters, jellies, and some 20,000 more animals at Aquarium of the Bay. board chair Ben Bleiman shared information about the challenges facing San Francisco Bay and its surrounding ecosystems, and how everyone can help.

Scenes from San Francisco Bay Gala at Aquarium of the Bay:

Support of the San Francisco Bay Gala helps provide free hands-on learning experiences to tens of thousands of local students — the next generation of environmental champions — provide high-quality care for each of the 20,000 watershed animal ambassadors at Aquarium of the Bay, and fund wetland research and restoration for scientists at The Bay Institute.

The afterparty at Wipeout Bar and Grill featured DJ Fortune Teller and DJ Swiggles spinning at the turn tables until the wee hours:

Photos by Kristina Bakrevski Photography and Mischa Photography