Red Carpet Style by Vasily Vein

Sonya Molodetskaya in Vasily Vein

Vasily Vein designs ballgowns and dresses for women he loves. “I have to fall in love with a client to make a beautiful dress for her,” he says. He names Sonya Molodetskaya as one source of artistic inspiration, though he works with and falls in love with many women. Judy Davies, Rumiko McCarthy, Sonya Molodetskaya, Clara Shayevich and Brenda Zarate chose his custom creations for the red carpet openings this season.

Vasily Vein creations for opening nights at San Francisco Symphony and San Francisco Opera, 2015:

Vein works with a variety of fabrics in vivid colors, though he is most known for dresses in tulle and lace. He sketches, sews and embroiders everything himself at his studio in Sausalito. It takes approximately two weeks to make each gown. When working with a client, he listens attentively to her wishes, offers some options, produces a sketch, and together they come up with the best solution.

Moscow born and raised, Vein fell in love with San Francisco on the first day he arrived in 2008. It was here that he discovered his talent as a designer of dramatic evening wear. He designed mostly in the avant-garde style while in Russia.

Some red carpet looks from Vasily Vein, 2011 – 2014:

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