Junior League Fashion Show Tryouts

Judges Nicha Kittitanaphan, Larry Hashbarger, Natalie Smith, Sallie Huntting and Schuyler Bailey

Junior League of San Francisco’s 86th Annual Fashion Show, The Hearts of San Francisco, is on Red Carpet Bay Area, KICU TV36 at 5:00 pm on Sunday, April 29, 2012.  Model tryouts were held in January — watch the video:

Only members of the Junior League of San Francisco are invited to try out for the fashion show.  Those who make it are required not only to volunteer their time as models and make a financial contribution, but also to attend six weekly training sessions.  The group consists of 24 female models, 19 are selected at the tryouts and five are hand picked by Schuyler Hudak, The Hearts of San Francisco fashion show chair.  Other models include husbands, significant others and children of Junior League members.

The Hearts of San Francisco female models:  Blossom T. Barnes, Linsey Cioffari, Loree Dowse, Sarah Evans, Liza Gershman, Susie Hall, Blair Heath, Sarah Holliman, Rayleen Hsu, Whitney Hudak, Marie Hurabiell, Alexandra Jansen, Marybeth La Motte, Candice Macario, Kelly O’Reilly, Nicole Ortiz, Laura Oswell, Lillian Phan, Stephanie Anderson Pugash, Selin Kolankaya Roberts, Brittany Robinson, Kara Sanchez, Dana Marie Sanchez, Bilques Smith, Maria Sullivan, Kelly Swanson and Victoria Yeager.

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