Introducing DOOB-lication

DOOB figurines

Bobble heads are over. Have you heard of DOOBs? DOOB is a 3D printing company that makes “Doob-lication” booths that capture moments and turn them into digital and physical 3D figures. Getting doobed is a unique experience and an amazing way to capture a special holiday “photo” this year. In the Bay Area, you can get doobed at the Valley Fair Mall in Santa Clara.

There are three easy steps to DOOB-lication:

  1. Stop into a DOOB™ retail outlet, primp and get ready to pose (check the DOOB website for locations).
  2. Step into the DOOB-licator™, take your position, get scanned and review your images.
  3. 2D images are processed and converted into high res 3D files that are then 3D printed at one of the DOOB production centers. Your DOOB™ is typically delivered in 2-3 weeks.